Atlanta trip: Leg 2 (Manchester – Atlanta)

Manchester Airport was fairly dull, although I did get thoroughly security checked and a guy took me to one side and went through my bag. That was quite exciting. Had to explain a few amusing things, like why I was carrying a piece of astroturf.

Stopped by the Duty Free and got Bill, and um…by proxy…me, a bottle of bourbon and remembered to purchase an adaptor so I should be able to charge my camera.

Didn’t seem too long to wait at all and soon I was boarded. Ended up swapping places with one guy who had been allocated seats totally separated from his friends. So that was my one good deed for the day, felt totally at ease to be wicked after that.

On takeoff the airhostesses had to stay seated for much much longer than usual, apparently due to a really bad storm and lots of turbulence. Didn’t feel anything though, my flight home last time was far bumpier and much scarier. This was good as when the plane took off the luggage bay above the seating to my right tumbled open and freaked the crap out of me.

Could not believe how dumb and stupid people are as I watched countless people get up and take a stroll even though the cabin crew weren’t allowed to unfasten their seatbelts and had to keep making announcements telling folk to get back to their seats and belt up til the Captain said it was safe. Totally ignored. Good grief people!

Actually managed to figure out how the films worked this time around and settled down to watch The Tuxedo (Jackie Chan). Good grief it was dire. *yawn*

The next film was much better The Shawshank Redemption, in fact that was a fab film. Had me gripped.

Couldn’t watch the final one though as having to focus on a small screen on the seat in front was really doing my eyes in.

Kept trying to get some sleep, but everytime I dozed off the girl next to me decided to take a walk and would jab me so I’d move. GAH! Startled me so badly on a few occasions I jumped and threw everything that was on my lap across the cabin.

As the flight went on I got more and more impatient and excited and was very very very happy to land and charge through immigration and customs. Was so much easier this time, didn’t get asked so many questions and I knew where I was going so I stormed through. Still, that’s no excuse for Bill not being there when I emerger through into arrivals, is it?!! *jabs Bill in the ribs*

Was just investigating the payphones (was beginning to wonder if he had got 15:30 muddled up with 5:30pm again) when I spotted him sauntering past. YAY!!
*Big hugs and numerous bounces*

Just about made it home without getting too crazy. 😉

Had a great snuggling evening and popped out for a delicious Grant Central spinach and feta pizza. Dayum, that beats any pizza back home. Took it back to the house and contentedly munched and snuggled more while we curled up and watched some TV. Though I can’t say that we paid much attention, and I don’t remember what was on either. Hmmm.

Ohhhh, of course. It wasn’t the pumpkins, it was the birdman!

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