Atlanta Update [take two]

Wednesday Evening
So, we drove home through Atlanta in Bill’s TRUCK. It’s a beast. It does need a name though. Hmmm…
Was great to actually see the Atlanta landmarks this time; the weather was beautiful and there was no rain or fog to obscure the city.
Got back to the house and the waiting Quince got plenty of hugs too. Yay! He’s a good dog.

Mmmm, huggled and lounged for a bit, then freshened up and Bill took me across to Publix to get some groceries. That was actually fun, American Supermarkets just confuse me at the moment; takes me a while to work out what exactly the packaging is protecting, and everything is so darn big! Standing in the greengrocery and suddenly there is a thunderclap and the sound of an approaching storm. Turn around, and there’s full on precipitate raining on the produce. Crazy.

Went to bed very happy and had lots of missed snuggles. Woke up sometime in the middle of the night sad and wishing Bill were there, rolled over, and he was! Sweet!

Bill went in to work, I did a whole heap of sleeping. Eventually hauled myself out of bed and spent the rest of the day aimlessly surfing (whoo broadband!) and nattering to Nicky on IM. She showed me lots of nice things to purchase online. She’s a very bad girl.

When Bill did get home we decided that tonight should be Matrix Reloaded night and went to the cinema.

Seated in the auditorium watching the mindless trailers we were approached by this guy brandishing a mobile phone. As he explained that he was expecting an important business call, but had promised to take his son to see the movie, would we be able to just keep an eye on the kid if he had to step out for five?, he suddenly paused in mid flow, eyes shining with astonishment.

“oh man, that dude just tipped his nachos all over that guy’s head!”

Sure enough, when we turned around, there was this poor bloke sat stunned, cheese dripping from his hair, slathering down his face and into his lap. Awesome.

Matrix Reloaded was pretty good too. Wasn’t too impressed by that rave scene though, didn’t really see the point, other than to reitterate just how many people they had managed to free at that point, and therefore how many were going to die in the clutches of the machines. *shrugs*

A workday for Bill again, but he came back and picked me up at lunchtime and took me in with him for the afternoon. First though, we went and had lunch together at Burrito Delight. Had a rather delicious, but HUGE veggie burrito which I can only describe as a Mexican Sushi roll. Tasty. Got me a doggy bag.

Got the tour of Brighthouse. That place is tres cool. Bill is a very lucky bunny indeedy, yay! Mosied there for the afternoon while Bill moved some coloured rectangles around his screen for a bit, then ate ice cream outside in the sun while some of the other staff talked about peeing in showers.

Settled in on the couch back at the house for a very lazy snuggly Friday evening. Watched Rushmore on DVD and didn’t really do a whole lot, but it was just so nice. Very content.

2 Responses to Atlanta Update [take two]

  1. madgav June 2, 2003 at 10:03 am #

    “everything is so darn big” and yet they expect you to carry it in paper bags with no handles!

  2. madgav June 2, 2003 at 10:03 am #

    “everything is so darn big” and yet they expect you to carry it in paper bags with no handles!

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