Bacardi Breezer + Strongbow != super awake K

Sunday 29th December
Tried to force Bill to watch the first episodes of Monkey, but he was having too much fun on the pooter. I boogied and kicked my way around the flat gleefully every so often though. “The nature of Monkey was irrepressible!”

I also started working around getting the flat organised in preparation for moving.

Arranged to meet Ruairi and Rebecca down Via Fossa in the Gay Village for drinks. Another little jaunt out on the bus for Bill. Woo! Exciting!

Ugh, Manchester was rainy rainy rainy that evening! Via Fossa was packed so we mosied down to Praha and had a “few” drinks. Had a fun night out. yay! I’m glad Bill got to meet Rebecca and Ruairi in person.

Rebecca had to work the next day so we left those two racing off home to get to bed and jumped on a bus to Fallowfield ourselves. Stopped off at one of my favourite kebab shops and purchased 2 succulent specimens. Hopped back onto a bus and made for the flat.

Kebab was a lot better than the one the other night, a lot juicier. Mmmm. Had half a can of Strongbow and I guess it didn’t mix too well with copius amounts of Bacardi Breezer, suddenly got very “sleepy”. Think I might have passed out on the sofa if Bill hadn’t dragged me into bed. Ooops.

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