A Valentine’s Day meal. A posh dinner at (apparently) the fanciest restaurant in Atlanta.

Bill had warned me about this in advance, telling me to bring something extra nice to wear as he was going to take me out for a swish meal. Borrowed a couple of amazing dresses from some friends but decided not to go with either of them in the end as apart from the fact it felt funny wearing someone else’s clothes I didn’t have anything to wear over my shoulders and it was quite chilly. Somehow my lilac fluffy coat wouldn’t really have worked with a black floorlength sequined, glittery dress. Opted for my Dane skirt, purple corset and little patent stillettoes instead. Pretty sure Bill approved, especially as I almost didn’t make it out of the house in one piece.

Had a fantastic meal with Bill, though was very daunted by the menu. Rather carnivorous it was! Had to be very brave indeed and ended up ordering Beef Tartare, followed by Duck and Grits (except it had a far fancier name!), something involving roast beets and goats cheese, and a delicate Rose Meringue and Ice Cream.

Although I did try to sample some of the starter I simply couldn’t bring myself to eat very much of it and was very amused when the waiter returned from the kitchen demanding to know what was wrong with it. Seems I upset the chef! Ooops.

Grits are still absolutely foul, I was hoping that maybe if they came prepared from a professional kitchen that I might begin to understand their appeal. But no such luck there. Yuck!! Still, the duck was very tasty. Didn’t go much on the poor little bird thing with the bones stuck out of it on the side though. Ok, it was delicious, but I really don’t want bones on my plate. As an ex/lapsing-vegetarian I can really do without obvious carcasses on my plate thanks.

Thought I’d try the beets as I’d only ever eaten pickled beetroot with salads before. Bill was right though, absolutely hideous.

My dessert was great though, only marred by the fact that Bill’s was better. How dare he?! Good grief his Chocolate Fudge Cake was absolutely divine, wanted it, wasn’t mine, damn.

Refused to drink wine, though maybe I should have. Not really a wine person, saying that though when I went for that meal with Pengs in Paris I could have quite got used to it. Still, sometimes red wine especially gives me a minor reaction similar to my nut allergy (nowhere near as bad mind, just a scratchy throat and maybe swollen lips if I’m unlucky) and I didn’t want anything to ruin Bill and my evening. Bill seemed determined to get me tipsy though and ordered me a vodka instead!! *eyes Vile*

Heh, btw I’ve since discovered that apparently Bacchanalia do a veggie menu too, you just have to request it! *giggles*

Looking around the restaurant Bill observed that interestingly the vast majority of couples were all seated the same. The ladies were sat on the edge of the room facing the centre, and their partners with their backs to the room. Heh.

Had a great evening, thanks Bill. Though it was quite amusing when I had to take a trip to the ladies and I got all self-concious as to how see-through my skirt is! I was quite decent (barely, but I was) but that walk through Star Provisions beneath the florescent lighting was terrifying!! Dammit I was wearing a corset for heaven’s sake, yet still felt the need to suck everything in!

Back at the house was also yummy. Bill’s the best. Seeing as he’d given me my Valentine’s treat early I let him have his pressies and card too. I’s got him a graphic novel Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid in the World which I thought was incredibly beautifully crafted, some silly little soppy heart magnets (couldn’t resist, one of them says “snog me”!) and a bottle of massage oil. On my first visit to Atlanta, when he got attacked by the head massage spider at the mall he expressed to me that massages unnerve him. Let’s see if we can change that! 😉

Mmmm, saved the oil for another day, but went to bed a very happy pinK indeed.

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