bit of a wibble

So last week was a tad rough. Got rather fed up, upset and frustrated about:

a)Not being able to earn any money and the prospect of not being able to until possibly March
b)Being on my own in the house all day
c)Not really knowing anyone other than Bill
d)Not being able to do anything or go anywhere or make decisions of my own
e)The fact that my brother and his wife aren’t coming to the wedding
f)Not knowing what I want for the wedding, how to organise anything over here and not being able to contribute anything to it anyway so feeling guilty about wanting anything.
g)Blah blah blah.

Went to see one of Bill’s workmates play at The Earl one evening but just felt like I was going to burst into tears the entire time.

Ended up accompanying Bill into his work again and alternately getting in the way and helping him out with some stuff. Had a lunch meeting with a guy who wants GradeACertified to rebuild his site for him.

I signed up for Tang Soo Do at the YMCA and my first class was supposed to be on Monday. I had bought a pair of shoes all ready and everything, turned up in my dobok, all nervous, only to find the class had been cancelled. Dammit. It was rescheduled for Tuesday, but at 5.30pm so as I am reliant on Bill at the moment and he was at work, that didn’t happen. Even more nervous I did make it to the next session on Friday though.

Felt a lot better after Tang Soo Do. There were only a few people there but they were very welcoming and the instructor seemed nice. He was very enthusiastic about his martial art and reminded me of Mr Iqbal, my Mancunian TKD instructor, in that he was very careful to ensure that not only were you doing everything correctly, but that you knew why you were doing it. Immediately trusted him more than the instructor I had in Devon.

While I was there Tang Soo Do felt very alien and different to TKD, however when I got home and my nerves subsided I decided it’s actually very similar indeed. I’ll need to learn different patterns because they aren’t the same but the actual moves which seemed so strange in class are practically the same. I think it’s just that in TKD the transitions were more subtle, while in TSD they are more exaggerated and in some ways more precise. I also wasn’t used to returning to a guard position inbetween techniques, but that makes sense now I’ve mulled things over. Am looking forward to my next class on Tuesday.

After TSD we met up with some of Bill’s work collegues at Virginia’s and had a few beverages:

Was much more cheerful and had a really good night.

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