*bleary yawn* and more Obsessive Imagery

Hmm, back at work, got in at ten past 8, wish I hadn’t.

Oh well, maybe more coffee will help.

Managed to do 6 out of the 7 items on my list yesterday, including the The Obsession photo gallery from the gig last Monday when they supported Miss Black America.

Not as great a gig as the one at Jabez Clegg but as it was a Monday night there was a distinct lack of people in attendance. Still, despite the low audience turnout The Obsession gave it their all and provided a fantastic performance.

Yet another drummer was called upon to take the rhythm helm, this time borrowed from another band for the night. I did suggest to Nick, Matt and Paddy that maybe a 2003 calender of The Obsession drummers would be an interesting PR stunt, one for each month, but I don’t think they bought it.

Stayed out much longer than anticipated as although The Obsession were supposed to be on at 8.30 they ended up starting a lot later as there were supposed to have been 4 bands playing that night. However, one of them succumbed to illness and the other thought it was November. Whether they thought the gig was in November, or whether October had already been and gone it was unclear, but either way, an entire band getting the month wrong is a tad tragic don’t you think?

Oh yeah, and Miss Black America turned out to be rather fab too. Ended up staying to hear the whole of their set too.

Found it amusing that the guys have a set sequence of posturing so that the photos always seem to capture the same poses in different venues. But still, a few fun photos from an amusing night out on the town.

Apparently it was a good job I decided to go to this particular gig rather than the one they did on Thursday. I have been told that it kicked off somewhat while they were playing, turned into a bit of a brawl and Matt got riled and ended up smashing his guitar over some guys head. *Rock and Roll!* (oh dear!)

Anyhow, will now mail Nick to let him know the location of them so he can link to his site if he wants. Yay!

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