Roaming Sheep
Curious, there are sheep dropping on our drive. They must have come down off the Moors for a bit of a wander.

Broken Collarbones and Kicking Arse
Hmm, I do believe that today it is a year since I fell over at TKD and ended up in casualty. Ouchie!

Still, tempted fate last night and went along to the local TKD club to train for the first time. Had lots of fun, although it was a bit confusing as they do quite a few of the things differently. Got very out of breath sparring but wasn’t as unfit as I thought I would be. The session was extended for an extra half an hour (supposed to be hour) and I decided to stay for the full stretch. Go me! Am a little sore now, but it feels good.

Did totally wuss out of one of the exercises though. Aargh! They played a game of TKD Stick in the Mud which is how I managed to break my clavicle in the first place. Not going there again. Don’t mind people kicking and punching and twisting me, but no way am I playing that game again!

Fun in Nyar
W00T! Checked in on Nyar yesterday and not only was Darth there to bother in the afternoon, but Red Penguin resurfaced when I got back from TKD and dialled up as I couldn’t get through to Nicky’s mobile. Yay!
Was able to natter on at Pengie for ages, then Vile appeared when he got home from work and it was great! Been missing Red, good to catch up.
Oops, missed Red’s departure though. Was busy in another window as he’d dropped into code space. 😉

Police Check…
..still hasn’t arrived. I’m allowed to phone and chase it up after 40 days which is the maximum length of time it’s supposed to take. This 40 day deadline will happen tomorrow. *scowls*

Just need that to arrive then I can tick all the boxes on the Packet III checklist and prepare the forms to go the US Embassy in London so they will be there ready for when the petition is approved. *fingers crossed that there are no problems that end*

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