Also, Mel returned from Australia on Saturday – wheee! How could I forget to mention that?! SHAME ON ME!

She brought back a boomerang each for Dad and I so on Monday evening we went up onto the Moors to have a throw around. Dad promptly lost his in the Bracken. Doh! Took, us a little while of rummaging about in the undergrowth til we finally found it again.

Could not throw mine to save my life, but I have an excuse, normally I wouldn’t fall back on such a trite line but I was truly tragic: hey I’m a girl, LEAVE ME ALONE!

Missed Sally lots, she would have enjoyed running around with us. I tried to hide from Dad behind Gorse Bushes like we used to do with her, wasn’t quite the same. Dad tried his best though, and I suppose I was wearing a bright pink fleece so didn’t have much of a chance of camouflage! Doh!

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