Bubbles and Steam and Doggies and Jackass

Whoo! Woke up suddenly in the middle of the night, dialled up and (yay!) encountered a tired Vilehelm. Mmmm. Happy now, missed him all day, but Quincy must be a happy doggy now because he’d been hard at work installing a doggy door. Woof.

The reason I woke up requiring huge quantities of water? Possibly due to the fact I went out with Sy and Mel to Jack Cham’s where Jackass, The Movie was being shown on a tv screen. It’s still insanely great the second time around. Though I do wish you had got to see Steve-O’s off road tattoo days later to get a proper look, and the dinky toy up the a***e is still very disturbing.

Jackass and Stella was then followed by a meal at The Cornish with Charlie and her bloke too. (Sorry Nicky, when I got home I found mum and dad had already eaten, and I couldn’t refuse Mel and Sy’s temptations.)

Then back next door for after-dinner cocktails, well Melly and I anyway. She didn’t need much persuading. Wheee.

Course, we then couldn’t get a taxi home (grrr to Tavistock) and had to stumble home across the moors. Fun fun fun.

Prior to drunkeness and foodage I had spent a very nice and sedate afternoon at the farm too. Kicked a ball (or what was left of a ball) around the yard for a bit with the proper dogs, saw the puppies and lambs huddled by the aga in the kitchen, then went over to Sherrill for some splishing about. Usual swimming, bobbing (and gossiping) about in the jacuzzi and boiling in the steam room occurred. Yay! Attacked Nicky with a football. Hee hee.

Had a really fab afternoon, and although the poolhouse is covered there’s huge windows at one end overlooking the countryside, so I got to see the sun sparkling on the superb landscape too. Yay!

Now sat drinking real coffee (NOT DECAFF!) from my cute lil cafetiere Nicky gave me for my birthday. *buzzzzz*

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