*Busy Sunday*

Damn I got to bed late last night, I connected to check in with livejournal and the next thing I know I’m on AS.org and PMing with Pixelwit until the early hours. Ooops.

This morning I started a simple Flash game that came out of a conversation last night, I think I’ve got the functionality working now, just need to sort out graphics and put the whole thing together.

Primed my canvas. Now have to think what to do with it, I have had a few thoughts and have to get over the terror of making that first daub and get the white dirty. Why are blank canvases so frightening?

Wandered around the City Art Gallery in the afternoon. It’s the first time I’d been since it reopened last month, it seems like it’s been shut forever. It was typical, I arrived in Manchester to take an art and design degree and I’m sure that year the gallery closed for refurbishment.

I was rather impressed with the new building and exhibitions. I remember the gallery as being quite fusty, mainly pre-raph and staid (apart from that exhibition they put on which had the Brothers Quay set on display and those dummies with the video installation faces (Tony Oursler?)) but now it’s a totally different place and all the better for it. The current exhibition of artists’ experiences of Manchester made me fall in love with the city all over again and reconsider its positive side. I must admit I had got quite disillusioned with the town.

I didn’t have time to make it around the entire gallery, um, mainly because I got sidetracked in the book shop for quite some time drooling over nice design books. One in particular looked quite intriguing: Maeda@Media. [John Maeda] Guess who I thought of.

I shall have to return to the gallery next weekend I think to take a look at the floors I missed. They seem to have quite an eclectic collection there, and it’s still heavy in Pre-Raphs but even the way the displays have been laid out is interesting.

Met Richard, et al in Yates’ WIne Bar (why he always chooses to meet there I have no idea, still there is no accounting for taste) and went for a Thai in the Siam Orchid across the road. yum.

Afterwards, we ended up in the Gay Village and went to Via Fossa for more drinks. Julian and I nabbed the comfy sofa and bounced on it together to prove it. Probably had a bit too much to drink, but had one very fun night.

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