can't sleep || all messed up


Just done what seems like a marathon PhotoShop session. Been going through all the photos from Atlanta, cropping, optimising and cutting out the crap.


Now to kick them into some semblance of order and do something with them. Yay! – the fun part! (Not that going through them wasn’t fun in itself!) Think I’ll leave that til tomorrow though, should crawl back into bed and try to get some kip now really.

Also, the sound of my monitor is really beginning to bug me, it’s constantly whining.

Shame, feel like I’m on a roll but this is getting silly and there’s lots of stuff I need to try to take care of tomorrow before I can go out to the DriveByTruckers gig in the evening without feeling majorly guilty and ashamed of myself. Bah humbug.


Good night all.

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