Car boot sale take 2 and 3

Headed off to Hatherleigh yesterday to try to flog more of my stuff at the weekly car boot sale there. Was a far more sedate affair than last week. Arrived at the cattle market and the sale was all cordoned off, sellers only at this point, so once we were through the gates we were able to organise and unpack at leisure. Borrowed a couple of tables we found in a shed and set everything out in the sun. Was a glorious day and the sun was beating down but luckily we had a little bit of shade to hide in where we had parked.

Gates opened to the public at 1pm and people trickled in. Certainly not as eager for bargains as the people at Lee Mill the week before. I think most people were just out for a pleasant afternoon stroll with their children or dogs. They definitely weren’t there to part with any cash. Business was slow but there was a steady stream of browsers. It felt as though we had barely covered the entry cost. It was therefore a total surprise when we decided to give up, call it a day and count our takings. Discovered that we’d collected almost £30.

We still had a huge amount of stuff in the back of the car though and while we had it all loaded up we thought maybe we should keep going and try Lee Mill again. That’s an evening car boot sale so we had just enough time to get home and grab something to eat before heading out again.

Over at Ivybridge however it wasn’t quite the same frenzy as last Sunday. A lot more cars had turned up selling this time and the location we were given wasn’t quite so optimal. No vultures were there to greet us either and we were able to set up without too much bother. Sold a lot more at this boot sale but unfortunately we had dropped our prices considerably to try to clear as much as possible and most of the things we sold went for about 20p. Counted up at the end and we had only managed to scrape about £11 together.

Still, with the morning’s taking too we just about equalled what we got last week and it’s a lot better than I’d have got taking everything to either a charity shop or a dump. Actually, one of the items we got the most for was destined for the tip that day. An old spice rack/kitchen shelves had been put in the trailer ready for its final journey, at the last minute I decided to try our luck on it and rescued it. Glad I did. That alone gave us a quarter of our takings!

Watched in amazement when the lady on the stall opposite pointed out that the small child in a pushchair by her stall had been left unattended for well over 10 mins. With no sign of any parents in sight the event organisers were called over and decided to call the police. Just as they were putting the call through though the baby’s parents raced up looking harressed. Mum explained that they had each thought that their other half had the pushchair.

Was still very hot and bright right into the late evening, got a tad burnt stood outside all day. I now seem to have a nice white t-shirt outline. Wonderful. Good job I have got a couple of months until the wedding, would not be a good look to go with my dress!

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