Carving away the opposition

My first full night in Atlanta was this time last year, and it was spent with me feeling incredibly jetlagged and keeling over at a pumpkin carving party with pumpkin guts flying around me, me rather unsuccessfully attempting to carve my first pumpkin and Bill extolling in his glory after being crowned Pumpkin King.

So this Halloween Bill entered the competition as the defending champion, determined to keep his hands on the crown.

We spent some of the weekend fervently searching for a deluxe pumpkin carving kit. You see, Pumpkin Carving is a serious matter and the Pumpkin King wanted the right tools for the job. Last year we’d missed out on buying one from Williams Sonoma and were desperate to purchase one this time around. We had no luck though, the holy grail of pumpkin carving kits is no longer stocked and instead they were heavily promoting a tackier version that wasn’t much better than the Pumpkin Masters plastic set for kids. We ended up going over to Home Depot the night before the party and buying a scary looking wall saw to aid us in gutting and carving up our pumpkins.

While we were there we also picked up a couple of pumpkins and couldn’t resist having a practice when we got home. Turned on all our spooky Halloween lights and sat out on the front porch merrily carving away. Bill did a superb Stitchface pumpkin while I didn’t quite get to grips with the whole pumpkin carving thing again. Somehow what I wanted to achieve in my head didn’t really make it onto the pumpkin. I ended up taking the time to experiment with using some lino tools and having fun with practising possible techniques.

The night of the party arrived and we headed over to the Farmer’s Market to pick up some nice big scary pumpkins, a pack of Strongbow and have a bite to eat. Still had no firm ideas as to what to do with my pumpkin and I decided to just see what happened when we got there.

Attacked my pumpkin furiously and had lots of fun sat in the corner making a big squidgey mess while Bill carefully and methodically cut his design out of his pumpkin. Kept focused even though the vicious pumpkin being created next to me kept trying to attack me. That pumpkin had been thrust full of various sized knives and from the way it kept diving towards me it just seemed to know that I don’t have health insurance at the moment.

Happily finished my pumpkin in plenty of time and with no aid from Bill this year, and quietly hoped for the best when as I took it down to the display area I could hear murmurs of approval.

Judging promptly started at 10 with all the competing pumpkins lit and forming a pumpkin gathering on the porch. Everyone crowded down into the yard and Tina in her white fairy outfit commenced the mayhem. Pumpkins were held up in turn and the crowd declared whether they should go through to the next round or be put out of its misery with much cheering or jeering. Got quite violent at some points as Tina was somewhat trollied and some unworthy pumpkins got smashed to the floor or flung across the yard.

The winning pumpkin, it’s quite subtle though and looks better in reality

Halfway through the proceedings some cops paid us a visit as they had heard the cacophony from down the street. Tina asked the Officers if the pumpkin she was holding up should stay or go. Our party got a warning but the judging had to continue. Attempts were then made to keep the noise down which led to some very amusing moments as we had to quietly whisper pumpkin destinies.

Yay! My pumpkin made it through to the final three! And then it was the best. Whoo hoooo!!!

Vile’s a big fat LOSER and I’m the PUMPKIN KING!! *snigger*

Apparently there are no Pumpkin Queens, only Kings. Though as someone pointed out seeing that Bill the defeated Pumpkin King had to hand over the crown and sceptre to the new Pumpkin King, his fiancee that could be problematic?

Pumpkin King got to wear a robe this year too. Wahey! Pics however are stuck on Vile’s digital camera and we can’t get them off at the moment as the card reader isn’t working, dammit.

Bill ended up with third place, though I think he should have got second. Judging for the final two places ended up a little screwy I think because of the policemen’s visit and Vile lost out there.

Anyway, Bill did arrive with the crown, and he went home with it too. Just this time I was wearing it. Hee hee. We rule.

Top left: Bill’s Pumpkin Party Pumpkin, Bottom Left: Stitchface

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