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When I was attempting to tuck Sam into bed this evening and reading him a bedtime story while he resolutely refused to sit still and listen, preferring to purr, arch and rub up against me like a little green stripy kitty cat, I lifted his duvet and found a surprise. I discovered a landscape of […]

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Supermarket Sweep.

Our second week into Sam’s school year and it feels like we’ve already had more days off than on. We had a national holiday on Monday, two mornings at school, and then finished up the week with two teacher “work days.” We made the most of the first day off and spent a long weekend […]

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Bea’s First Day

As she’s been living under Sam’s shadow for two years, experiencing preschool vicariously through him for the past 12 months, and been gratuitously borrowing all his friends we decided it was time to devote a couple of mornings a week to giving Bea some personal space of her own. It seems strange to be sending […]

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Summer’s End And A New Episode.

The brutal Summer heat seems to be finally fading. Days with a high of 85 degrees (28 celsius) are feeling positively balmy now and leaving the house is much more pleasant. This year though the autumn hastening towards us carries the chill of an alien set of emotions. Our final August days were spent as […]

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Cats can swim.

I live with an authority on cats. Sam knows everything about them. You can’t tell him anything about cats that he doesn’t already know. Especially little green kitty cats. After all, he is one. Recently I have been learning that cats can swim. Dogs can’t. Oh! Except for Molly dog, she’s a good swimmer. She’s […]

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