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Going swimmingly.

With temperatures soaring it really is quite unpleasant to be outdoors with the children at the moment. As soon as we step outside clothes feel instantly moist and clammy. Sucking in mouthfuls of hot thick air makes the heat feel intrusive. We’ve stoically sweated and endured the heat with friends at the playground on occasion […]

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Daisy We got our first sight of the lovely Daisy sitting in the tall car area of the Gatwick airport arrivals car park. Nanna and Grandad’s latest baby is a brilliant VW camper van. A VW T25, known in the States as a vanagon, so not the classic icon that you envisage when you say […]

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The further adventures of Snuggle Pea.

While I was engrossed in journal land Bea got all dressed up and accompanied Grandad for a walk on the moors with Molly this morning. She wore her little wellies and waterproof puddle suit and rode in the jogging stroller. When they returned I heard that they had been to see lots of Dartmoor ponies […]

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Down on the farm.

Still raining and miserable here. The relentless raindrops are making a thunderous noise drumming on the conservatory roof. I’m afraid I wimped out of going to the hash this evening. I just felt wiped out after driving to the farm and back this afternoon and the prospect of driving to Horsebridge for trail was far […]

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