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After hot and humid days in Charlotte the UK is feeling decidedly nippy. Before leaving for England I had a pre-holiday freak out and cold-heartedly purged my old and ill-fitting pre-pregnancy and maternity wardrobe. Yes, even having dropped several dress sizes I had still been walking around wearing clothes meant for ladies with bumps and […]

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NO! Go away! I have a flight to catch!

When you have children it seems that not only are you doomed to be ridden with illness and disease at frequent and regular intervals, but you are also compelled to suffer doubly long as the lurgy lingers and passes through the household cackling maniacally. First the kids succumb one by one and turn into unpleasant […]

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Turning Four.

Five adorable little preschool boys and Matilda arrived at our house for Sam’s fourth birthday party this afternoon. Five adorable little preschool boys and Matilda left looking like sailors. Back in January when I booked the campsite at Edisto Island State Park we had decided to just treat Sam to a beach camping holiday for […]

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Going the extra mile for one’s child.

Well, one sure fire way to ensure the addition of extra miles to one’s run is to, against better judgement, allow one’s darling daughter to carry her newest prize possession in her arms while in the jogging stroller. We set off for our afternoon playdate/run with friends in a mini convoy of double joggers with […]

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Tickle Me Bea.

Bea’s still not saying a whole lot, but every once in a while she surprises me. As Bea lay down on her mattress and I wriggled her out of her sleepy suit, readying her to face the day in one of Sam’s cast off Spring garments freshly dug out of storage she grinned back up […]

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