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Deception Pass 2014

Deception Pass 25k

Last year’s Deception Pass race was a study in misery. I was stubbornly attempting to run the 50k while poorly with what eventually got diagnosed as pneumonia. A crescendoing pain in my shoulder from a grumpy fracture and a quarrelsome collarbone plate gnawed and snarled at me as I ran. The inability to carry a […]

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Kitsuma Klimb

Last year, while I was squashed in a car for hours on end with five other smelly people having crazy fun running the 208 mile Blue Ridge Relay, my friend Ashley was joining some Western North Carolina trail runners for a time trial on the Kitsuma/Youngs Ridge trail near Black Mountain, NC. I believe that […]

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Sultan 50k

It’s a full two days since the third annual Sultan 50k took place and I am still loafing around on the sofa reticent to move but perversely loving every aching reminder of Saturday’s run through the South Mountains State Park in celebration of Mohammed “Sultan” Idlibi’s birthday. Chasing the kids around and maintaining daily routine […]

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Back to Bartram

An uncharted and fresh year lay before me waiting for new experiences and adventure. I was determined to start it off on good footing. Despite the wicked look to the bleak sky and the threat of rain I eagerly found a moment to slope away from a yuletide family gathering in Georgia and make the […]

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December 2010

December was a miserable month in which I logged a miserly 61 miles. Three factors seemed to conspire to keep me from the roads and trails. It was a month of frantic Christmas preparation trumping running. I was busy fretting about Christmas and while Bill was happily going to be taking a good fortnight away […]

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