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February 2011 to the present day

Alta Lake

While the kids and I were enjoying ourselves in the UK, poor Bill had his lonely summer sucked up by working long hours weekday and weekends. With a final stretch of school holiday to savour I suggested he take a couple hard earned days off and we give the summer a last hoorah. “Let’s go […]

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First grade

Not one to be overly prepared and ready for school I was up ’til about one o’clock in the morning tending the laundry, fixing Sam’s packed lunch, and merrily sewing Discovery Park Nature Day Camp patches and other decals onto Sam’s new school back pack. We’d also used fabric markers to draw on some blank […]

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Conflict Resolution

She won’t accept the role herself, but Bea really wants her ginger tabby kitten, Humbug, and her medley of other assorted animal babies to have a caring mummy who will look after them. While Sam is the proud owner of two lovely soft cats just perfect for parental roles he adamantly refuses to allow Bea […]

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Cape Disappointment – Damp Squib

It was cold and blustery on our first night at the cape. As I was playing housekeeper and setting out the bedding ready for nighttime the wind was howling around the tent, hurling itself against the walls, forcing itself beneath the floor, and doing a fine job of turning the ground sheet into what resembled […]

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Cape Disappointment – Disheveled

Two small children are currently snuggled up in their bunks dreaming about a fantastic long weekend on the Washington coast. They may be bitter and somewhat annoyed at Mummy and Daddy because today they were forced to spend hours strapped into car seats traveling far away from the beloved beach and back towards home, where […]

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