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Will be festive for beer.

Despite the furious packing going on here Bill was nice enough to give me the afternoon off and send me to the Hash Holiday Pub Crawl in East Atlanta Village yesterday. Bea had been crying a lot of the morning so I took pity on Bill and decided she should follow in big brother Sam’s […]

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It took me all day to decide, but at five to seven as we were eating our tea I finally got brave and summoned up the courage to go out hashing on my own. The run was out at Horndon by Peter Tavy and, mind set, I dashed around the house stealing dad’s headlamp and […]

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The weekend part 1.

What a great weekend! I’m co-haring the Hash with Martha Screw-It next week so this Saturday morning was spent scouting a trail. I took Quincy along with me and Martha had her Basset, Ruben. We spent the morning trudging around in swamp, often up to our crotches with me squealing like a girl and being […]

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ON – On #13

Atlanta #1331 February 3rd 2007 – Skin Flute Pie with secret hare Little Willie start: Wayfield Foods, Bouldercrest Drive *** It seemed such a simple start location for me to find. Yet my easy route of “ah straight up Bouldercrest from East Atlanta Village” had me somehow entering a squishy hole in the space-time continuum, […]

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ON – On #11

Atlanta #1329 January 20th – Coffee Bean start: Candler Park Playing tricks on us the weather appeared to be bright and beautiful but the cold jaws of winter lurked and the pack shivered and refused to expose flesh to the elements, mostly preferring to remain bundled up. For the benefit of our hapless virgins Bean […]

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