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Taking A Running Break (Run All Day 02)

After spraining my ankle at the Yakima Skyline Rim 25k and being a good girl foregoing my trail marathon plans last weekend in the beautiful Methow Valley in favour of nurturing a stronger, happier foot I was very eager to hit the trails at St Edwards State Park to test out my legs, get some […]

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Carkeek 12 Hr

When mentally preparing for my first 12 hour ultra I wouldn’t have added “don’t crash the car on the drive to the start” to my “don’t do” list, but from now on it will be on there. Right at the very top. I’d been super calm and efficient exiting the house. All gear imaginable was […]

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Soaring Eagle Solstice

Well that was quite the race. A real honest to goodness heart pounding race for the finish line. I walked away from the end of the five mile trail romp through Soaring Eagle Park thoroughly exhilarated and on an absolute high from the chase. 00:40:45.3 good for 10th place. It was a rare Thursday evening […]

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(Not) Running With Marshall Ulrich

In late 2008 Marshall Ulrich carefully double knotted his shoelaces (probably) and set off running across the United States of America. Pushing his limits, he covered 3,063 miles from San Francisco to New York. For 52 days straight he ran an average of two marathons and a 10k, and in doing so nailed the third […]

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Kitsuma Klimb

Last year, while I was squashed in a car for hours on end with five other smelly people having crazy fun running the 208 mile Blue Ridge Relay, my friend Ashley was joining some Western North Carolina trail runners for a time trial on the Kitsuma/Youngs Ridge trail near Black Mountain, NC. I believe that […]

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