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River Bound 10k – May 22nd

The full official results and photos for this race finally appeared online yesterday after a long wait. No fun on the trail pictures but look, here I am back on the podium! I almost didn’t sign up to do this one and was eventually propelled to sign up late for three reasons: 1) I’d talked […]

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Right Moves For Youth Twilight 5k

My nagging second thoughts about having signed up for the Right Moves for Youth Twilight 5K were already strong when I woke up to another uncomfortably hot day in Charlotte on Friday. After a very enjoyable but sweaty morning running the kid laden double jogger around a three and half mile course with my friend […]

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Run Like A Girl 8K

In my meagre opinion make the best ladies running gear. I haven’t run in anything else since I first tried one of their cute skirts. They fit snugly and the attached panties keep underwear nicely in place on the run so I have no wardrobe adjustments to worry about as I go. Easily accessible […]

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Red Top Rumble 11.5 miler

[Race was on Sunday February 7th, finally edited my text.] I signed up for the Red Top Rumble 11.5 miler last November and the race filled in early December. This was a very popular and fairly long anticipated race. One which I hoped would be a good progression towards my ultimate goal of a half […]

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