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Eau de toilette.

Bea is on the loose and proving to be just as challenging as her brother. Perhaps moreso as she looks all cute and sweet and innocent, but she is sneaky, very fast and up to no good. She’s trouble and as she’s such a darling I overlook this often. A few nights ago bubble bathtime […]

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The oracle speaks

Today as we were on our way home from a very nice playdate at Dori’s house Sam got angry and told me “I don’t like Mummy. I don’t like Daddy. I don’t like Baby Bea!” This little outburst came out of nowhere and I don’t think he’s ever told me that he doesn’t like me […]

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What a difference.

Baby Sam gets naked, does a big poop in his cot and he has a great time painting the walls with his new found art supplies. I am alerted by happy giggles and squeals. Baby Bea gets naked (or more likely, is undressed by pesky big brother), does a big poop in her cot, and […]

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While we were sleeping.

Sam managed to move a chair down the hallway without either one of us hearing, take it into Bea’s bedroom, and climb into the cot to play with her. Then, Sam got undressed. Then Sam undressed Bea. The first we knew about what had been going on was when naked Sam climbed into the bed […]

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What's in a name?

Sam has suddenly started coming out with names for many of his toys, and Bea’s. I’m finding it really quite fascinating as he seems to have absolutely no problem creating sounds to give to objects. I think it started when Bea received a rocking horse for Christmas. Sam decided that it needed a name and […]

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