Tsuji Giri
The Flow
Fi-Lo Radio
The Sonar Yen
The Obsession

Finally thought I should get around to writing Sunday’s night of drunken activity up. Unfortunately though I have no idea which bands were which apart from my friend Nick’s and the last one on, which I didn’t think too much of. (Fi-Lo Radio == dull).

I do recall that one of them made very cool My Bloody Valentiney sonic waves which made my trousers vibrate quite pleasantly. I’m guessing that might well have been Tsuji Giri, but who knows. *shrug*

All the other bands paled in comparison to The Obsession anyway, so no great loss. I have a compilation cd that I got free that night here and I’m still nonplussed.

So, anyhow:

Certainly surprised Nick by turning up at Jabez Clegg unexpectedly. That was fun. Berated him for not replying to any of my emails and found out that apparently his bandmate Matt had forgotten to tell him that he had received any through that address. Gah! Of course, now if he doesn’t get in touch again I will be most miffed.

Met up with Rebecca and bounced lots.

Nick was surprisingly calm as two days before the band’s drummer had quit without telling them. It seems he just left a cryptic note waiting for the guys when they turned up to rehearse.

– oh no?! Have you got a replacement?
– yeah, but he’s only practised twice, should be interesting.
– hmm, well is he cute?
– hmm, um, I suppose he might be. *grins*
– cool, you’ll be fine then. No one will even notice. *grins*

(hence origin of drunken postage *ahem*)

Angie (Nick’s mum) and H also showed up to see The Obsession play so spoke to them for a while. Nick’s mum is, as ever, just fabulous.

Erm, I really was going to write more about the gig but hell, a picture says a thousand words, or so I’m told, so here, check out this gallery of a great night out.

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