Christmas at the StarBar

Friday night was the Christmas Toys for Tots Spectacular at the StarBar so after recovering from my salon ordeal I bounced around the house and had fun getting ready to go out properly for the first time in ages.Thanks to my little shopping expedition with Michelle last weekend I was even able to dig my purple corset out and get all dolled up. Whooo hoo. Finally got out of the jeans I’ve been swilling around in for so long.

Crikey it was an evil night out, bitter cold and not at all nice. We had to queue up outside for the cashpoint and it wasn’t very pleasant.

Once inside the StarBar though things soon warmed up and the place was buzzing. We handed over our toys for the tots (Tigger glove puppets…what else?!) and went to lurk in a corner for a while.

Blinked, double blinked and blinked again when I spotted Jim wandering around the bar. He was stunning as a weird Santa Claus creation, having spent the afternoon bleaching his hair bone white. Suddenly we saw his exhuberant and determined hair growth over the past 3 months as the mad genius plan it was. Awesome. As was his band, Yule Log’s rendition of OutKast’s “Hey Ya!” .o0(Egggggg Nog!) Made me bounce and grin lots.

Bitch lost brownie points with me for being rude about the British, but I guess they were okay really. They handed over a bottle of grog to the US Marines who were there on hand to take the toys. One thing though, if you give a pressie, it’s always good to take the price off! Should be a golden rule of pressie giving. Tut tut.

Yeah okay, I kinda vaguely shuffled to them too.

Truckadelic also played but I’m afraid most of my memory of them has been taken over by visions of a giant scary Santa Claus with little ruddy cheeks jumping up and down singing his heart out.

Staggered home happy. Great night.

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