Christmas Day Evening: Telling my parents

yes..STILL trying to catch up with the present. UGH. So much to write, getting there!

Wednesday 25th Dec PM
Finally came down off the moors all fuzzy and happy. Went back into the house to find mum and dad had disappeared and Sy and Mel comatose on the sofa. Typical. Had to sit on our “secret” for a while and it got more and more frustrating as the evening progressed.

Everyone got busy with tea and we had to sit at the table trying to judge a good moment to say something, but it never came.

Mel was very observant though, after tea was through Bill, Sy and I were in the lobby and she shut the door, pointed to the ring and asked “is that what I think it means?”

I guess I grinned stupidly and hugged Bill or something while nodding madly.

Sy’s response: “Oh no!, You didn’t do that did you?”

Finally, sat in front of the fire and chilling with bad Christmas telly on I managed to catch mum’s attention and break the news. Phew. Course, although dad was sat on the next chair, he missed it and mum told him to get himself a stiff drink before we reiterated! Heh.

When he did grasp what was going on it was great, he jumped up, raced over to Bill, shook him by the hand and welcomed him to the family. YAY!

He also got a big hug and a kiss from my mum. His second. She’d already totally shocked me by grabbing Bill and planting one on him on his birthday! Woo! I guess I don’t have to worry too much about my family hating him!

Sy was then very cheeky and told Bill that as he was practically family now he had to show them his tattoos! Poor Bill had to take his top off in the middle of the lounge and be examined and scrutinised by the Downes’ clan. As mum hates tattoos she actually did a really good job of not freaking out, too much!

Thankfully Bill survived and we went on to crack open more drinks, scoff even more food, and play a game of Articulate. Team captains were Mel and Bill, Aussie and Yank respectively. Had some class moments where cultural differences really showed through in the descriptions of words. Hee. Dammit, we lost. Bill, you suck! Obviously it was all your fault.

All in all a great day, best Christmas ever.

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