Christmas Eve

Tuesday 24th Dec
Had to vacate the cottage this morning so we packed up, dumped all our stuff at mum and dad’s and headed back out to for a touch of sightseeing before it got too dark.

I had wanted to take Bill to Bren Tor on his first day here but as he was getting to know British plumbing rather too well and it was incredibly foggy that had had to be postponed. Made it in the end though.

It’s a little chapel on top of this bleak hill, bit of a trek to get to the top but well worth it. Views are superb. Sheltered for a little while in the church when we almost got blown off the tor. Fantastic.

Then I drove across to Lydford to show Bill the castle (more of a prison) and the Watchmaker’s Tomb inscription in the church. Skulked in the ruins for a bit before heading back to thaw in front of the fire.

Had dinner with the folks and then went out Christmas Eve pubbing with Mel and Sy. Had a quick drink at the Chipshop Inn as we had to go pick Mel up from work first, then headed on down to the Cornish. Very odd, not been there in years. Sat and drank and laughed with Sy and Mel til last orders and Sy bought in a round of shots. Whoo! lethal!

At which point Mel decided it would be a good idea to go down the Crown. Now I have always managed to avoid that place like the plague. Tonight I failed, and as Sy and Mel had the house keys Bill and I followed them into the pit of doom.

I still can’t believe we actually queued to get into that place and it was one in one out! URGH!

Bill and I found a corner table and pew and Mel kept bringing us drinks! Score! Giggled and snuggled as we watched Sy and Mel shake their booty.

Finally got kicked out and stumbled home in most amusing fashion. I’m not sure who was dragging who out of Sy and Mel, or even how they managed to make it home at all. Sy sang silly songs and talked Mr Hankie Christmas Poo style all the way home. Bill and I got back first and had to huddle while we waited for my brother to arrive with the keys, such a tragedy.

Had to pack Bill off to bed in my room, in my old bed, while I slept downstairs on a mattress in the dining room. *grump*

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