correspondence from a Kay

evil Kay responds>>

Hellooo Me

Glad to have freaked you out ;o)

Yeah i watched the gave gorman program on bbc2 (last year i think) people were even changing their name to dave gorman including women :oD

Im in Birmingham uk, whereabouts are you? i read on yer site that you studied in manchester?

Im not married and i dont like bridge, I do have a freaky rabbit called The_George tho.

anyway, bye for now

Me……..erm i mean you ;o)

>> I reply thus:


Birmingham! My dad was brought up in Tamworth. We took a trip to visit Tamworth Castle last year to see the photo of his dad that’s on display in there and trace the family roots. I seem to remember that there are relations buried at St Editha’s (??) Church in the town centre, though I think my Downes’ were originally from Furlongley, Warwickshire. (Dad has been doing a bit of research on the old family tree)

Yep, I came to Manchester to study and have stayed up here since, no real reason why, other than it’s pretty pointless trying to find a design related job in Devon where my folks live now.

Why is your rabbit freaky? I have an evil fish. I don’t like him. I’m sure he killed all my nice fish and he’s a real bruiser. He looks freaky too because he is missing a bit of jaw where he had mouthrot once, eeek. I’m sure he’s plotting, in fact I think he’s staring me out now.

I’m in the process of trying to steal my neighbour’s cat, so far it’s working. She is snoozing on my sofa right now – yay!

best wishes

Kay [the real one ;)]

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