courtesy of Hefeweizen UFO:

Apparently I am pished and ‘ave been ordered to sit here and post some shit.


This is quite tricky to do while being molested. Lucky I have lightning reactions as Bill just knocked my beer over, useless boy. *sigh*

Went to play pool this morning, but the hall was closed. Bill is SO smart.

Ate some Flying Biscuits instead. Not biscuits at all but scones. Stupid Americans. Apple “butter” was tasty though.

Spent the afternoon in the copy shop getting copies of all the proof that we have that we have met, that I have visited the States and that I was a good girl and did leave again (boo!) ready for the Fiance Petition. Got some passport photos taken too. Cripes.

Returned to Twain’s Pool Hall in Decatur once it was OPEN! (Kinda helps, DUR!) Played pool using British rules, still lost. Damn those balls are big. Played (and lost) 9 ball too.

Devoured spicy honey mustard chicken wings. *munch* *slurp* *gulp* Guzzled Sweetwater 420 IPA. *wheeee!* *ooooh room spinning!*

Eeek must be quick, Vile feeling amorous!…



Okay, what happened next? oh yeah, another trip to Grant Central to pick up a spinach calzone and then settled in to watch a 2 hour Joe Millionaire slog in front of the telly. Good god! Zora had our vote. Drank more crappy American beer. Shouted and bitched and cat-called lots. Was good.

Giggled plentifully, drank more, and showed Bill the “Kylie Dance” while he scanned in everything else we need for the petition. You could just tell he was so turned on by my Kylie impersonation, it was pitiful.

Think I’m gonna go and blow some shit up now.


2 Responses to courtesy of Hefeweizen UFO:

  1. missbumpkin February 18, 2003 at 4:49 am #

    Go Kay! Go Kay! (Jerry Springer stylee)

  2. missbumpkin February 18, 2003 at 4:49 am #

    Go Kay! Go Kay! (Jerry Springer stylee)

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