Dahn at the farm *baaaa*

Sat at the farm pooter, been down at Sherril this afternoon. No “interesting” finds today though, just an empty beer bottle (Supermarket’s own brand Continental Beer – cheapos!) under a bed, and an old note to someone called Lisa stuffed behind a radiator.

Came over to the farm afterwards to see Nicky, who was in Tavistock. Lynsey did a fine job of entertaining me though and I got to play with Jake (proper dog) and even hugged a puppy dog or two. (Still think they are icky rat dogs though).

No ickle lambs huddled in the kitchen today.

Squashed Pheasant
Ran a pheasant over last week. Saw another car almost run it over and it jumped back to the side of the road. I had slowed down and was keeping my eye on it when it suddenly changed it’s mind, darted and went *thwump* against my wheel. Glancing in my rear view I saw it stagger back across the road and into a ditch. I panicked for a while before stopping and turning around to try and find it, but there was no sign when I got back to that spot. 🙁 Didn’t mean to hit it! I swear they are kamikaze pheasants though, today, driving down the farm lane another one spotted my car and decided to do a mad dash beneath it. Was totally prepared for that one though and it survived it’s suicide attempt. Stupid things.

Bad Toothypegs
Had to go to the dentist again this morning for yet more work. UGH. My dentist had the radio on and bizarrely there was a spate of 5 songs in a row that were off the cd Red Penguin sent me. This soothed me somewhat as the dentist ground down into my poor teeth. Now I apparently need to have a crown fitted onto two teeth, although I think he really wanted to use a layer of gold to form a cap on my toothypegs. Eeek. Declined that as the idea of having gold showing scared me completely, but now I don’t know as the crown would be more distructive to my teeth. Don’t know what is best to have done, and was completely unable to make a decision down there other than “aargh” “aargh”. Needed some time to digest this information, but I think the crown was opted for after my obvious dismay at the prospect of apparent gold in my smile. Have to get authorised from the NHS before anything further is done though. This could take several weeks. Usually stay away from choccy before and after visits to the Dentist but this time treated myself to the rest of my giant bar of chocolate when I got back home. Lynsey would be proud.

On the Visa front there was an apparent breakthrough on Monday when after some people threatened to stage a protest a batch of around 40 petitions that had been queued for over 90 days were approved. Felt much better after this and hopeful that Texas might be attacking the backlog and soon be back into processing applications within reasonable times. Since then however I have begun to fret and get twitchy again as I have heard of no more new approved petitions from Texas this month. Aaargh.

However, back on a slightly positive note I believe that although the new estimated time frame from Texas is 150-180 days, because our NOA 1 says 60-90 Bill and I will still be able to cause a fuss after 90 days instead of having to wait the full 180. Though of course I hope we won’t have to wait that long at all! Miss my Bill.

Been a very frustrating week on the internet communication/webcam front too as Bill has been 6 hours behind instead of 5 following our switch to British Summer Time. Have had to wait until midnight each day before he comes online at home and then I don’t get to speak to him for very long either. *grumps* Thankfully I believe he joins Daylight Saving this weekend too though so we’ll be back to 5 hours apart again.

Have to apply for a few jobs this weekend. Mostly general admin stuff, there is a distinct lack of any creative industry in the South West at all.

Went out to Jack Cham’s last Friday with Sy and Mel and splurged on cocktails. That was fun and ended up with bad kebab being devoured.

Mother’s Day
And of course Sunday was Mothering Sunday so nanna and grandad came over for Sunday Lunch.

Oh and the bears were very brave today and were snuffling around the waterhole without a care. I saw them gingerly investigating the traps but they didn’t trigger any. Luckily the warthogs spotted them first and hid in the bushes wearing their camo gear so carnage didn’t ensue.

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