Dead Stars

Just got back home after driving Ruairi, Rebecca and Matt to Dead Stars in Bradford. Stayed sober all night (obviously) and danced lots and lots, unfortunately being sober I have no excuse for my crazy dancing.
Felt particularly brave today thanks to being back at Taekwon-do and having bought a yummy set of matching vest and knickers (decency rules!) so wore a short skirt with knee high stripey socks.
Apparently I have sexy knees.
According to Ruairi and Rebecca anyhow. Their reasoning being that they are the same colour as the rest of me. ??? They seemed to think I’m naturally airbrushed. I must admit I never really thought of any of me as being sexy, least of all my knees, but I guess it’s a start.
Took the camera with me intending to take lots of photos, but despite being on charge before I left the house it died pretty much immediately, guess I hadn’t socketed the charger in properly – doh!
Class moment from Noelle as she viewed an existing photo on the device and exclaimed, “oh, I know her, she looks really familiar, can’t place her name though?” and all the while Rebecca (the subject) was sat facing her.
Got a little lost on the way home and couldn’t find Ruairi and Rebecca’s house again, so after circling Denton ended up having to do a little detour to the flat for an emergency pit stop.
As I drove through Burnage on the final leg saw not one, but two, foxes and an alsatian skoot across the road.
Having supped lots of Red Bull to keep me awake for the journey home I now find myself tired but unable to sleep – oh poop.

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