Donnie, Julia and Max.

And on to the next round of people for me to meet and be introduced to.

This time we were to meet up with Bill’s elder brother Donnie and his two kids at Chuck E Cheese, a pizza joint designed specifically for young children to run rampant around and merrily dispose of all their parents’ income on arcade games, silly activities and of course, mediocre pizza.

I’d spoken to Donnie a few times on Instant Messenger before, where he would sometimes reveal a few interesting snippets of insider information on Bill, and it was great to finally meet him in person. Bill had also told me lots about Max and Julia too, you can tell he totally adores all his little neices and nephews. Don’t think I’m going to get to meet the Flowers’ children (Julie’s brood) on this visit, which is a pity, but Bill seems thankful for that as apparently they are a real handful and he doesn’t want to scare me off quite yet!

Bill and I with Max and Julia

Donnie, Max and Julia, and oops, I moved

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