Downes' rule supreme.

Got to the cottages at 11 and painted solidly until 5.50pm. Did the bedroom in Dill al by myself I did, two coats as well. Had to stop working when it got dark though as that cottage is severely in need of lightbulbs, so I expect I might have to redo bits I may have missed on one particularly gloomy wall.

UGH I hate painting cream.

UGH I ache.

Was supposed to go over to Glynn’s to have a girly night with Nicky and Gemma this evening but I checked LJ when I got in and Gem had cancelled. ‘Fraid I then wussed out on Nicky too as I was shattered and wasn’t feeling too hot either. To be honest I was quite flakey and driving over would probably have been a bad idea anyway.

This turn of events also averted a small disaster as I realised that before Nicky arranged her gathering, I had actually already agreed to go to the Chipshop Inn with my family for the pub quiz, and was thus probably in the bad books there. Ooops.

I would bore you with quiz details, but needless to say we won. We are Downes’, that’s what we do.

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