Dr. [Darth] Lank

Felt too ill to go out to the cinema to see Spidey as planned, instead stayed in, clutched my jaw, watched Will and Grace, drank Asahi and played with Vile, 20, Zoom and Eso in Wayland. Eso finally came of age and joined the forums in spectacular fashion.

Behold, there was one. He came from the Earth, and he knew all things worth knowing.
I am he. Have you a question, I will answer! On any subject, on any.. other subjects, speak.
You may disagree with my answer.
But I am right.
No, seriously!
It has BEGUN!

*pinK crosses Lanky’s palm with silver and stares deep into Dr Lank’s furrowed (yet youthful) brow*

tell me, Dr Lank, are otters better than stoats? I’ve got this friend you see, he thinks that otters are better, but you know I think they’re sly and that they hit grannies over the head while no one is looking, but then stoats, you see stoats are just two-timing little critters, and you know I’ve got this sneaky suspicion that it’s really all about the badgers. What do you think?


Otters and Stoats
I don’t know what a stoat is, so I will just assume it is a beautiful woman with an obsession for pirating monkeys.
There for, stoats are superior. I’ve never seen an otter that loves pirating monkeys. As a matter of fact, the last time I hit the club scene a dirty old otter lady wouldn’t even pay attention to my advances.
I even busted out my mad Dark Jedi Pirate Monkey Skillz.
The stoats, however, RESPECT the monkey. They tell me they love me and make me sammiches.
Stoats are better. Be a stoat.
Much love, yo.

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