Hoorah! Bill came home from work last night and took me out to the Starlight Drive-In to see a movie. We were hoping to see X-Men 2 and Daredevil but when we got there the bill had changed so we went to see The Italian Job instead.

Was most amused as we drove up to the screen over the ridged lots for the cars, the ground is laid out like one of those bumpy childrens slides. Bill chose a spot directly in front of the screen and parked up, set out the camping chairs in the back of the truck, and made himself comfy. I just poked my nose over the tailgate and giggled, made it into the back of the truck (hmm, Gonzo?) myself after a while.

Totally surreal.

Cracked open some drinks, snuggled up, watched the light fade from the sky, and a small child eating popcorn off the floor, until the movie started. Oh, and I got to try some Milk Duds too because stupid Americans only seem to sell salty popcorn and not the yummy caramel or sweet variety, and most of the other sweets on offer had peanuts in them, grrr. Still, Hershey’s Milk Duds did the job, rather like Chewing Nuts, but a touch less hard.

The Italian Job certainly wasn’t the dire film I had expected it to be, but saying that it wasn’t great either. Was all a bit serious I thought, and the gold looked awfully light. Still, had a great time watching it. The Drive-In is fab. Next time we take a blanket though!

Didn’t stay for the second feature in the end, it was on late and Bill had to work the next day so we headed on home.

Funny thing I learned last night: You can’t transport open bottles of beer in cars cos you can be done for DUI if pulled over, even if sober!! (?) Complete utter madness.

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