East Atlanta Village

Shesh, just got back from walking Quincy over to East Atlanta Village so that I could use the Post Office (M+D – I got the solicitor’s letter yesterday and mailed it back to him today). It’s a tad warm and sunny out there. Borrowed one of Bill’s caps so that I wouldn’t get a burnt head.

Despite Bill’s clear directions I must have gone wrong somewhere on the way there because I didn’t end up on one of the streets he mentioned! Still, I did make it to Flat Shoals and wandered along there til I got to where I was supposed to be. Not quite sure where I went wrong though! I swear when I came back following the instructions in reverse there was a road which wasn’t there before! Just like Mr Ben’s Fancy Dress Shop it must have appeared from nowhere.

So, I made it to the shops after what seemed like quite a trek and decided to sit outside Joe’s and slurp a Frappacino to recover for a while. Was very glad that I thought to pack some water and a little bowl for Quincy because he needed it. Quince and I then strolled up to the Post Office, via Traders. He’s a great dog, I just tied his lead to a railing while I popped into the stores and he was as good as gold.

At the Post Office a lady wearing a white blouse that buttoned up at the back asked me to help her do her top back up again where a few buttons had come undone. She seemed very relieved and said that she’d been waiting for a friendly face to ask. ME?!!

The return leg seemed so much quicker, and not just because homeward journeys always do. I think the way I went was somewhat longer.

Back home again safely now. Checked the mail to find ANOTHER medical bill thanks to my trip to the ER. Now they want another $151 for the Doctor’s fees. Aaaargh. I’ve already sent off all my insurance documents relating to that too, and ticked the box that said “no, I wasn’t expecting any more bills” Feck, hope I can sort this out, and I hope my Travel Insurance will cover all these fees to start with. Dammit.

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