I found a forgotten Easter Egg in my drawer the other day. Smells a little like lavender as it was next to the smelly soap I keep in with my underwear to ward off evil spirits but it’s chocolate so I might just give it a go anyway.
Crap, I actually just lost a whole long LJ entry because this keyboard seems to be poorly and is doing stupid things. Rats. +.+.+.+.xz+.+.+.+.z+.+.+.z+.+.+.+./
Nanna had a bad turn this morning and Mum has had to go in to be with her and see what’s up. Looks like a trip to the hospital for tests might be in order. Not really sure what is going on but ECGs were mentioned. Car boot sale this evening looks unlikely. Lucy came down to pick up Grandad’s car this morning and Lizzie and Helen came with her. They’ve gone over to Nanna’s now too.

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