Emergency Room :(

YAY! First trip to the ER last weekend. Really getting into America now! Got a bit of an infection *blush* and despite desperately trying to drink copius amounts of neat cranberry juice all Friday it didn’t seem to be shifting. Reluctantly I finally let Bill take me over to Emory to get seen to. Annoyed with myself because we had to cancel going to Lakewood Flea Market Saturday morning.

ER experience was somewhat different to my trip to Casualty in Manchester which was full of people who had been bottled, were in the process of being bottled, or were about to be bottled. Emory was rather clean and pleasant and I only spotted one dubious looking stain on the floor.

Were seen to very quickly, and had blood pressure, temperature and pulse rate read. Was told I have excellent blood pressure, Bill was very proud of me. Then we ended up sat in a cubicle for a substantial part of the morning while they sorted out some test results for me. This took longer than usual as, being British, I have no SSN number and apparently they had a tad of difficulty entering me into the system so that the lab would accept the sample.

Everyone was very nice indeed and called me sweetie. The whole place seemed far too laid back and relaxed, something odd going on there. Way too quiet for an ER.

Had very confusing conversation with one of the Staff members who couldn’t seem to grasp British addresses not having a US format, ended up settling for Bill’s addy, and gave my Driver’s ID a confused look. Turned out she wasn’t feeling too good herself though and was having a bad day.

After we’d been there a good while I got issued a Hospital Wristband, practically just as I got discharged. They confirmed what we already knew, and handed me a few prescriptions, and detailed information sheets on each of the meds and the problem. Wow, not something you’d get on the NHS! When I broke my collarbone they didn’t even tell me it was broken, just discharged me!

Tootled over to Publix to get my meds and couldn’t understand a word the pharmaceutical assist said to me. Bill had to translate. $50 for 3 anti-biotic tablets and an analgesic. Now waiting for the Hospital bill, my travel insurance better cover it!

Once that was all sorted Bill and I were starving so we took a trip to Decatur and had lunch at another Burrito place. Yummy.

We then decided to check out Lakewood after all, but when we got there it was closed. Must have got the wrong day, poop.

Had made arrangements to go to Milledgeville this weekend too, to visit the future in-laws, but didn’t feel good enough to make the trip.

Tablets then kicked in anyway and I think I zonked out for the rest of the evening and watched the Mighty Ducks skate all over the Jersey Devils in the 6th playoff game for the Stanley Cup. Started off rooting for the team from Pengieland (besides, Disney sucks), but then switched sides to Anaheim cos I decided a seventh game decider would be cool. Go beardy ginger blokes!

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