Escaping and Mardi Gras

Managed to get out of bed this morning, though it was tricky, and I had to really focus on my mission plan to accomplish it.

Made it into Manchester and bought flight ticket to Atlanta – yay! I’m going to visit Vile!

Scary weather here today, came out of Thomas Cook’s into the covered walkway by Boots to find a cacophony of noise. Torrential rain cut swathes through the air and police and ambulances were tearing up Deansgate. Usually staunch Mancunians huddled beneath shaky umbrellas as Market Street turned into a veritable river.

A gaggle of men promoting some product were stuck in the middle of the downpour, all wearing tiny little white shorts in the rain!

Luckily I had chosen to wear my platforms today so was able to wade through the waters without getting soggy.

Despite my excitement at purchasing my flight to Atlanta, I was really miserable. I don’t do being alone very well. Phoned Matt on my mobile, spoke to Greggle and Gem.

Mooched around town for a bit, realised I hadn’t had retail therapy for months. Decided to stay on in town and not go to TKD and SHOP.

Missed TKD, didn’t buy anything, though I did drool over baby pink sparkly Dane tops, too pricey and so passe (but delicious).

Still miserable, lonely, and desperate to shake off my gloom.

Wandered across to the Gay Village/China Town intersection to watch the Mardi Gras Parade. Slumped against a bollard for ages until I overheard a policeman say that the parade had been delayed for 45 minutes. Slinked into The Old Monkey for a quick drink while I was waiting.

The place was heaving, found a place to perch and be unnoticed in the corner and slouched, amused myself by listening to the conversations of a group of scary old women who just kept shocking me by being incredibly rude, foul mouthed and showing their breasts out of the window. Needed another drink to cope… but then the carnival reached us and relieved I headed outside to try to gain a vantage point.

Considering that until last week the Manchester Gay and Lesbian Parade had been cancelled, it was pretty good. Was disappointed that there were no shiny centurians there this year though. I was all ready to pounce, take one home with me and polish his breastplate. Shame.

Did see lots of (gay) men wearing nothing but minute towels on a “sauna” float and some pert bottoms as several of the participants found fit to drop their pants. Hmm, I can’t even remember what they were dressed as. Was also “privileged” to view some rather more saggy bottoms as rather less youthful participants chose to dress skimpily too.

Oh, and omigod, how could I forget?!! the best sparkly pink cowboy ever! – cool.

Of course, the girls were out in force too and looking fine.

Felt really sorry for the guy on the end of one of the floats who was dressed as a house. He was stuck in a box and all you could see of him was his face peering through a window and a hand emerging from the chimney, waving merrily.

Decided I really need a continuous techno soundtrack to my life as whenever a float ambled past blearing out heavy beats I instantly felt all perky again.

The gay village seemed to be totally sealed off, entry for ticket holders only it appeared, so I mooched back into town. Shopped, slightly tipsy, and managed to buy a pair of Quiksilver trousers. yay new clothes.

Couldn’t face the empty flat and my evil fish quite yet so I pootled over to the Northern Quarter and into Bar Centro for a drink. Settled down into a corner with my book and read.

Good book so far, a quality charity shop find.
Bruce Sterling: Holy Fire. Am loving it.

It also has the use of furoshiki as computer so from Mondo 2000 article (Bruce Sterling elaborating his term) to its reference in this book I have gone full circle, I now know the context of his gushing. cool. Such a great concept.

Watched the clientele change from old men cradling beers to trendy young couples as the evening progressed. Curious.

Decided to take a little dinner at Centro too, knowing full well that if I didn’t I probably wouldn’t eat all weekend. I’m a bit crap like that. I forget.

Got back to the flat and Mogs tore around the corner and practically pounced on me. She’s here now, being super friendly. No idea what is with her but she’s being really talkative and keeps headbutting me! She’s cool, she’s my friend 🙂

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