(ETA2)2= 14

Had enough of being mopey and lonely and grouchy and am going to scrape together the cash to go visit Vile for Valentine’s Day
. (awww!) I feel so much better now I have a definite date as to when I am going to see him next, something to look forward too, and even better, not long to wait either. Phew!

Get to meet his folks this time too, they have been informed of my impending arrival. Aargh! *nervous*

Now, trying to decide whether to drive up to Manchester to catch my flight or brave the horror of National Express. I think the coach has it at the moment, the idea of driving back afterwards doesn’t really appeal and it should be cheaper too.

Typical, I book a flight and suddenly I get first responses from job applications. Gah! Oh well, if I was working I’d have to work a notice period anyway. I think most employers if they were interested would be reasonable, I hope.

Got a call yesterday morning from one tele-marketing place wanting to do a phone interview! I was still asleep and got mum to get them to phone back in fifteen minutes, waited around all morning with no word from them. Dammit!


*perks up again*

YAY! I’m going to Atlanta to visit my Vile! Whooo!


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