even a cute lost lamb loses its innocence

Was supposed to be spending last night in the company of Rebecca downing vodka in Revolution, she was suffering yesterday though and called to bail out. Poop.

Instead I wandered to the cornershop with Matt, bought a copy of The Guardian and The Face and as it was such a gorgeous evening it seemed a shame to return to the flat so we went and lounged in The Woodstock’s beer garden, perused the paper, supped Hooegaarden and phoned Steve up for a chat. Was really chilled.

Became tempted by the food menu and ended up devouring Feta salad and chilli potato wedges. Pricey, but so damn good.


Things I can’t do that are pointless but bug me [click my fingers with both hands, wink without grimacing, have one eye open the other shut (both sides)]

Why American degrees suck ass – just ask an American who has come to Britain to study, we rule! [interjection by Clay…here?]

Actually, here you go – an opinion from an unbiased broad:

pinKaboo (to a buxom brunette) asks, “Do American degrees suck ass?”
Betty says, “Yes.”


Returned home pleasantly bouncy and warm and content.

Went online and spoke to Lank for a little while, Vile was there but he rudely fell asleep on me, so…

I phoned him!

“A call outta nowhere”

heh heh. *surprise!*

Vile sounds so funny, all American like, like REALLY American. wow unreal. (More so than Pengie I think. wheeeeeee!)

*bounce* nyar!

Should then have probably stayed online, but instead I came off to watch a film with Matt, and more beer and me == foolish.

Hmm, have just had a nice bath and finished reading “Et Tu, Babe” – more mentalness.

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