Phew, managed to get out of bed as Vile left the house and took the dawg for a walk around the block. He loves that. Gets very excited and I think a trip around the neighbourhood peeing on everything (just try stopping him, ugh) makes his day. Quince is now contentedly sat on the bed, looking out of the window, being master of all he surveys and barking authoritatively every once in a while.

Meanwhile, I am now attempting to sort out the fallout from my trip to the hospital the other weekend. Got the bill from Emory…

Laboratory Services – $203.00
Emergency Dept Services – $87.00

added to which I had to pay:

prescription #1 – $38.95
prescription #2 – $10.99

So I’ve just had to fork out the money to them and hopefully claim back using my travel insurance.


Phoned my insurance company and am now trying to organise getting my claim in with all the necessary documents and evidence. Pants, can I remember the name of my GP in Devon? NO! And, I’ve just been told on the phone that I’ll need a letter from my home doctor saying that the problem isn’t in my medical history. Wha? A claim for cystitis surely can’t be influenced by the fact that I had a similar episode back in 1997, can it? I’ll be furious if they throw that at me.

Hhmmph, and I got the winning bid on two Ebay items a week ago, I paid promptly and still haven’t heard a peep from either of the vendors. Though mysteriously one of them left positive feedback on my record even before my transaction was processed. Hope I don’t have problems there. Better hear something from them soon. Grrrr.

On the spider front Bill was convinced that the Black Widow was dead after he messed up inside her cavern with a big stick. Took the torch out with us yesterday so we could see further inside above the mailbox. Spider is definitely still there. We could see it hanging upside down right at the back, then it flipped towards us and we could clearly see the red mark on her belly gleaming at us under the beam of the flashlight. Eeek. Not sure what to do about it, obviously we need to get rid of her, but how? I get worried everytime the mail lady comes around because she doesn’t know it’s there and I’m sure she doesn’t scan every single mailbox on her route for poisonous insects.

Think I’ll phone my daddy in a bit, yay! Friday is his afternoon off so hopefully I’ll be able to catch him. Heh heh, poor Bill left his international calling card numbers with me today. Muahahahaha

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