Flash and TKD

Drove around to Rebecca’s last night and gave her a tour of Flash, a little basic lesson if you will. Had fun. Flash is great, teaching someone else to use it was a good way to spend a night. I must be mad. *grin* Hope I was okay and she understood what I was going on about though.

Matt came over too, and kept Ruairi out of the way by getting drunk in a corner with him. Between them they set the world to rights, both of them can talk themselves silly.

Watched a bizarre film involving mormons, kung fu, cheesy porn and superheros. All very silly.

Episode of Matt’s missing wallet occurred – wallet was lost, stress was had, I was sober and annoyed Matt by not getting as pent up and frantic as him at 3 in the morning, (would have been a bit more concerned if the wallet had had cash cards, id and stuff in it but it only contained about £12 cash so even if it had been really lost, yeah okay he’d have been upset and out of pocket but at least not totally screwed) all very stupid. Wallet was found the next morning exactly where I logically thought it would be. gah.

Had a nice chat with Pengie on Wayland, yay.

Went to TKD in Sale this evening and kicked lots again.. oh yes. Did more sparring. Feel great.

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