Flash Schtuff

Oh, have been a little bit productive too. Have just managed to embed my LJ into Macromedia Flash.

Wahey, funkiness here I come! (maybe).

Thanks go out to Red Penguin who is totally the best, and came up trumps when I asked him how I could convert all the images I insist on embedding into my journal to text links so that they aren’t lost when the journal data is loaded into a text file. Go bird! *hugs* Sorry it’s taken so long to continue this little project of mine and implement your hard work. Getting there now though. 🙂

Hit a little security problem because “a Flash movie playing in a Web browser is not allowed to access data that resides outside the Web domain from which the SWF originated, ” dammit. Think I have resolved that little issue now though by setting up a proxy. This didn’t really work how I assumed it would to start with, but the data gets loaded into the swf now, so who am I to quibble?

(Still miss Bill)

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