Furniture and Quilt

Some of Bill’s friends gave us a rather nice Ikea futon while I’ve been here. Rachel and Richard have just had a little baby boy called Jack and they had to clear some stuff out to make space for him. We drove around to their very nice loft apartment one Sunday where I got introduced, baby got oogled at (Awwwww) and we picked the futon up. Made Bill very happy to have his truck to dump things into like that.

Actually, I digress but we went out to play frisbee at the school fields a few weeks back and utlilised the truck then too. As we were leaving we drove past a pile of stuff being cleared out for trash. Amongst it we spotted an old table with a galvanised metal top. Nabbed that we did. It looked a bit icky when we flung it into the truck, but Bill’s doing a sterling job of cleaning it up.

Anyway, we now have a lovely futon to put in the craft room. Only drawback is that the cover is cream, which doesn’t go well with Quincy. So, I thought I’d attempt to make a quilt/throw for it which would hopefully disguise dogginess. Out came the sewing machine and spare fabric.

I’ve now got a complete quilt top, and we bought the batting and backing fabric so I could continue with my endeavour.

Putting it all together the other evening was a feat though. Tried a few times to lay all the fabrics out so they were flat and wouldn’t fold and wrinkle. At one point we had the backing and batting nicely laid out ready on the bed, turned our backs for a second to get the quilt top and when we came back Quince was there, sat right in the middle looking pleased as punch. Pesky dog!!

Bill finally had the bright idea of using the dining room area to lay out the quilt, that way we could pin the pieces directly onto the carpet to stop them moving. Worked a treat. Bit of teamwork and soon we had it all laid out perfectly.

Then I had to stay up and baste it all together so we could move it before we went to bed and let Quince out of the bedroom again. (Locked him out of the way after the bed fiasco)

So now it’s all roughly basted together and I “just” have to do the quilting stitches all over it. I’m sure I’ll get there eventually.

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