Garden Party

Well, the ice cream stayed intact and I took it along to Sarah and Andy’s garden party in one piece and devoured it there a couple of hours later. Accompanied a chocolate banana deliciously.

Created chaos as soon as I arrived by completely failing to crack open a bottle of Kronenbourg and throwing it all over the kitchen floor when I did manage to get the top off. I’m really sorry!

Topics of conversation:

How to lure squirrels into a sandwich toaster using nuts.

How to lure space raiders into a sandwich toaster using Princess Leia.

What were you doing in 1992 and 1982?

Discovered that Julia read Twinkle (for little girls) and so may very well have read the highly significant December 4th 1982 issue.

The state of the housing market.

Discussed why Andy and Sarah’s neighbours had put a door leading to nowhere on the first floor, (well, not exactly nowhere, leading to a nasty death plummet to be precise.) And why, even more worrying, it could be opened from the outside (it has a handle clearly visible)

Holly and Paul gave Matt a New York scary “Killer Kiwi Devil-Cat” toy (sorry – pet) for his birthday. It has teeth and at some point acquired a trident to jab folks with. Is now currently plotting evil schemes with Matt.

Brian and Julia brought along their Jubilee camp chairs and when we retired to the living room set them up in there too. Fab.

Drank lots of beer, lightened up, River Danced in the kitchen, drank more, got gloomy, decided to wander off on my own and go to bed, found Mogs waiting on the doorstep. That’s twice in two nights – score! 🙂 Snuggled up together and dreamt about hairballs and treat sticks.

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