Good Friday and Hill Bridge

Sy worked, Mum and Dad went out somewhere, Mel and I had breakfast of hot cross buns sat in the garden and grouched about what to do.

Scurried through our chores and decided to tootle across to Hill Bridge to stick our toes in the weir and bask in some sun. It was an amazingly sunny day you see. Bikini weather, so we did indeed rustle up our bikinis. Vile was even lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Bikini kay (a VERY rare sight indeed) as he caught me online just before we headed out. Hee.

Melly drove us out there, with a touch of trouble occurring when we stopped en route at Safeway. parked a tad skewed but decided it would do as I was only going to be a few minutes. When I came back out poor Melly had the company of the trolley boy who got in the way. Then when she went to reverse a huge 4×4 zoomed behind and parked right up close next to her, merely inches to spare. People are so inconsiderate of learner drivers! Gah! oh yeah, then an elderly couple wandered behind her pushing their trolley and just stood right in the way, then 4×4 guy decided to take it upon himself to bawl instructions at poor Mel. All very stressful. Were very glad to get out of Tavistock after that.

Made it to Hill Bridge without getting lost (yay!) and walked along the river for a while until we found a deserted sunny spot. Sprawled out on a big rock right in the middle of the stream, had a small picnic, paddled a little and got all toasty. Very very nice.

Decided that we really, really wanted some rotisserie chicken and ice cream for tea so popped into Somerfield on the way home. Wandered around in my little pink tennis dress and Mel in skimpy shorts and vest top. Had a run in with some local lads. In fact I think we pulled. *shudder* Worst bit was when we could hear them debating whether or not we were mingers, then we turned around to go down the next aisle, the lads took a good gander and obviously gave us the thumbs up. UGH! Icky Tavi Boys!

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