Dammit I left my mobile at home.
I have never done that, the thought of being on the motorway without one unnerves me. *oh poop*

And I’ve been checking online quotes for my car insurance which is due next month, cheapest so far is still £770. (some places quote me over a grand) Arrghh! I don’t understand, surely it should be lower than this. I’ve had a license for 9 yrs, no accidents, no claims, 2 years no-claims bonus, I’m over 25 and my car has probably halved in value since I bought it so why hasn’t my insurance got any cheaper?

Not happy.

*tearing hair out*

Also what’s weird is to get that price I listed Dad as a named driver, if I get a quote to just insure me it’s about another 80 quid more. What is the problem?!

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