Grrrr – sily phone calls

Full Birth Certificate
It takes 15 working days to process and complete an order for a birth certificate.

Today is day 15, no sign of my certificate and the payment came out of my account weeks ago.

I phone up the National Statistics Office (horrendous hold music but at least they tell you what position you are in the queue.) When I eventually get to speak to someone I get told “it takes 15 days,” yes I know that.

“15 WORKING days.”

” Yes, today is 15 working days since I requested it.”

The lady then tells me that no it isn’t because the system says I ordered it on the 9th. I check LJ, nope definitely phoned them on the 6th. Lady tells me it gets entered on the system the day the order is received. Well that should be the 6th then. No, it’s the 9th.

So I ask, “okay, has it been processed yet then?”

“Nope. It’s still queued.”

Aargh! So, even going by their incorrect date of order they only have 3 more working days to get me my certificate within the stated 15, and it hasn’t even been processed yet. WTF?

Luckily I don’t really need it urgently, I’m just trying to be organised.

The American Embassy, London
I had sent off to request a copy of the pack of forms I’ll need to fill in to apply for my K1 visa thingy and had heard nothing back. The website says that you can begin to get those forms filed while your fiance in the States is applying for the petition. Decided to give in and phone the pricey £1.30 a minute Visa enquiry line.

I get through (thankfully relatively quickly) and am told they don’t stock the forms there. Huh? She tells me that I’ll get the forms sent to me from the States once the petition is approved. This confuses me as on the site it clearly says I can get the forms prior to that, I mention this and get told yes, but they don’t keep the forms here, implying that I should request elsewhere. So I ask for the number of the place that does stock the relevant forms and get told “no, sorry, I don’t have it” What?

OK so I guess Bill and I can download the forms from the Internet but it’s a bit confusing as to which forms are needed and I really wanted a hard copy of the pack to make sure I’d got all the required forms. Booo!

Also, it’s a good job my parents have a printer because I don’t.

Why do I have a really bad feeling that this is just the tip of the frustration iceberg? Eeps.

Evil Student Loans
On a more positive note, the Student Loans Company have accepted my application to defer payment for a year. YAY! (phew!)

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