…was pretty uneventful. Bill worked from home, we went swimming at the YMCA and then took Quincy over to Camp Leslie to dogsit while Hank and Mary were away for the weekend. We’d bought Halloween candy but left our place before any trick or treaters came around, and got to Alpharetta after any kids had been and gone.

So no dressing up or spookiness whatsoever…bah humbug.

Spent the evening munching a home delivery pizza, eating all the Halloween candy ourselves, channel surfing (whooo! satellite telly!) and watching the dogs.

Next day was much better though. We took the four dogs out for a nice walk in the woods along a trail and watched them all frolic in a stream. Quincy loved it and went haywire pelting through the undergrowth with Alex and Tate. Lucy is a lot more sedate and stayed close by.

Alex likes to race off and we were constantly calling for him (and Quince who would take off after him) to come back into view again. Tate disappeared at one point too, but we found him at the next waterspot, deep in the water like a hippo, waiting for us to throw stones at him. He just likes to wallow and snap at stones.

Whereas Quince suddenly gets a whole heap of energy and decides he likes to fetch sticks. Though, I say fetch sticks quite loosely. He’ll only race after a lump of wood if it’s thrown into water and then he just merrily swims to get it, labours over bringing it back to shore but gets excited when he steps out of the lake and drops it back in the water. Gah. Nice try though doggins.

Did the same on Sunday too. Was fantastic to be out so close to somewhere pretty to take the dogs, and great to see Quincy all animated. He loves it up there with his cousins.

When we got back to our little cottage I took Quincy for a walk over to East Atlanta Village and treated him with a visit to the pet shop. When I got there I was a bit of a mess, cripes it’s a bit of a trek, especially when the weather is so warm.

For being so handsome and well behaved the shop assistant gave Quince a treat, and then I let him pick himself out a nice tasty basted proper bone. He was allowed it when we got back to the house and it got attacked with gusto.

That was such a good buy, Quince has seemed a lot more playful and happier since. Usually, you see, he gets back from Camp Leslie and mopes and grouches. It’s very sad to have to take him away from his doggy friends. But this time I hope we made his home much more fun and stimulating for him too. The other day we even caught him nosing into a bag in the corner of the room and pulling out some dog toys he hasn’t touched in months. One night he gathered up and made a pile all his toys, his chewies and his bone before nesting down next to them with what looked like a big lollopy doggy grin on his face. Hoorah! Job well done.

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