Happy Birthday Andy!

Whoo hoo! commiserations to Andy on turning 30. Another loss to the great age barrier. It was good to know you, guess we won’t be seeing you out anymore. Shame.

Just arrived home from Andy’s last supper. A lovely curry at the new Sangam 2 in Didsbury Village. I missed the pre-curry drinks/wake at the Dog and Partridge as I was too busy gossiping with Darth, drinking coffee and having a nice warm shower. But apparently that was good too.

Yay Nicky – wore my new socks! Thank you! – even though they got me honked at by passing cars as I legged it to the restaurant late!

Sangam 2 was rather nice, if somewhat tardy with food delivery. Teething problems I think, they’ve only been open a week. Had a rather (hot) lovely Paneer Chilli and Pathiya Chicken, (though it took two attempts to get my order right) and several Kingfisher.

Andy seemed pleased with his pressie of Neal Stephenson’s “Zodiac” – it’s a good book, I liked it. Of course, now he’s over 30 and pushing it, it did occur to me that I should maybe have bought him some reading glasses too.

Says a lot about Britain when the main topic of conversation was how to escape this godforsaken Isle. Our main solutions seem to be become a major influential and successful rock star, or marry out. Hot damn.

Hmm. was something really important I noted to myself that I meant to write here, something totally incriminating, can’t remember what the hell that was though, other than the fact that it had the c**t word in it – hmm??

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